About us

Ekashila High School by title is located in urban area of Warangal District, Telangana in Madikonda stretched in about two acre of land, serene ambience serving co-education upto class VIII. Every class is equipped with digital technology for effective teaching and learning. Ekashila strives for all-round development of the students for which day wise activities, inter-house competitions will be held to discover the hidden talents. A strong professionalised education system is followed by team of successful teaching intellectuals.
Play area and facilities are given equal priority as education. Students are encouraged for different level of competitions, science fairs, Olympiads, games and sports from school level to national level.
Staff and student is given top priority for which necessary measures are taken to safeguard. Life skills cum Soft skills are given parallel to their regular education. All types of labs, library and teaching aids are available in our school.

  • Vision:

    To deliver quality education and provide employment on continuous basis to our developing India. As education and employment are the base for any country’s development, have opted education sector to do the possible needful for the uplift of the society and country. Finally want to generate healthy, skilled and responsible citizens to our mother India.

    We are dedicated to enriching educational opportunities for our students, and are leading the way in classroom technology integration. Utilizing groundbreaking, transformative and flexible learning environments through tchrNOTE gives our students tools to access, create and collaborate as thriving, 21st century digital citizens.

  • Mission:

    To be updated with the current curriculum and to deliver needful skills to succeed in the highly competitive and advanced world. To provide top facilities and student friendly environment. Finally creating a healthy positive society and to lay foundation stones in making a better future, better world.

    Our school has constituted sexual harassment committee to safe guard and to do needful justice for any kind of complaints given by the students or staff in this subject. We have communicated and given confidence and information about the committee and also displayed the committee details in the notice board. The committee is formed as per the norms and instruction acts mentioned by the CBSE Board.

    For safety of children and staff in all directions, needful measures and provisions are made by the management like security staff, first aid room, cc cameras, fire extinguishers, safe drinking water, housekeeping staff for hygienic ambience, transport facility by experienced and complaint free drivers, attenders, different committees to handle different type of complaints, proper communication system, fire drill, emergency services, continuous monitoring, professionalised communication and co-ordination, etc. also maintain nearby hospitals, ambulance, fire engines, police station, different government services numbers, addresses and needful details.